What started as a humanitarian outreach, has grown into an army of missionaries - employing their unique gifts and resources - to reach the hearts of broken and desperate people around the world.

Doug Rowland's ministry has spanned over twenty years, four continents, and multiple nations. As an Apostolic Missions Leader, he has served as a missionary, pastor, teacher, evangelist, church planter, and relief worker throughout the globe, crossing denominational lines and various cultures.

Doug, along with his wife Katia (a native of Brazil and passionate missionary leader), endeavors to promote a love for God, loyalty to the Church, and a passion for souls. As founders and leaders of Alive2Love Ministries, Doug & Katia exemplify that one can have a global vision without losing sight of the individual.

Although reaching the masses is never far from their hearts and minds, specific and individual needs are undoubtedly close to their heart and vision. As a result, much of their time is spent mentoring pastors, missionaries and developing leaders. In this case, they stand firm in their convictions that empowering these individuals through training is the greatest investment that they can make.

Every year, Doug & Katia travel to numerous nations to conduct mass crusades, large-scale humanitarian outreaches, church conferences, and leadership-training seminars in which they impart powerful Biblical truths into thousands of hungry hearts and eager spiritual leaders. Ultimately, their heartbeat is to foster spiritual maturity in these individuals and to see them reach their full potential by impacting their communities and their world with the Love of God and the Truth of His Word.