Scripture of The Day

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.  Practice hospitality.  (Romans 12:12-13)


I have been studying the word friend and friendship. I have come to know that Jesus is our best friend and He tells us all the things the Father tells Him. I love the fact that we can know the secrets of the Kingdom.

However, all of us have experienced the hurt of rejection, not fitting it, and hearing people talking about us or making fun of us.  Unfortunately, this kind of thing is a part of life in this crazy world.  But don’t you know Jesus walked through this while He was here?  One minute the crowd loved Him and the next day they cried, ” Crucify him!! “

The following are some helpful suggestions for you to practice and share with your friends who walk through this kind of hurt.

  1.  You are Amazing!  (Romans 12:12: ” Be joyful in hope.”)  This world is quick to remind us of how many times we fall short or where we don’t measure up.  What a fabulous gift to give a friend, to be reminded of how wonderful, great, and amazing she is. This is more than just a compliment.  This helps to infuse a little joy in her hope.
  2. Me Too!  (Romans 12:12  ” patient in afflictions”) The patient friend freely gives grace because she so desperately needs it herself.  “Me too” just says I am no better than you, but we are better together.  We are all in this together.
  3. I’ll Pray (Romans 12:12: “faithful in prayer”) I love it when my friends tell me they are praying for me.  Prayer moves mountains.

When we purposefully ease the loneliness ache in others, we will see it is beautifully eased in us.

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