Scripture of The Day 7/28/2022

The Lord is my light and salvation. Psalm 27:1

I heard a story of a little girl that was having trouble falling asleep at night.  As her mom turned to leave her bedroom one evening the little girl exclaimed, “I’m afraid of the dark!”  Her mother tried to comfort her and relieve her fear, but she left a night light on to reassure the little girl was able to see that her room was monster free.

The mom did not think much about that until a few weeks later when her husband had to go on an overnight trip.  After she had settled into bed the dark seemed to press in around her.  She heard a tiny noise, and she jumped up to investigate.  It turned out to be nothing, but she finally understood her daughter’s fear when she had experienced it herself.

Jesus understands our fears and problems because He lived on this earth as a human and endured the same types of troubles we face.  “He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.”  (Isaiah 53:3)

When we describe our struggles to Him, He doesn’t brush us aside, minimize our feelings, or tell us to snap out of it-He relates to our distress.  Somehow, knowing that He understands can dispel the loneliness that often accompanies suffering.  In our darkest time, He is our light and our salvation.  Never forget how much He loves you.  He will wrap you in His loving arms and let you know He is there.



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