Scripture of The Day

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. (Exodus 14:21)


I have always loved the story of how Moses got the children of Israel across the Red Sea.  He had the Red Sea in front of him and the army behind him.  I would say his back was up against a wall! I have surely found myself in positions over my life that felt just like I had the sea in front of me and an army on my tail. Have you had big problems and no solutions and then suddenly God did something so amazing and it enabled you to escape from your problems?  I bet you can think back to times where God rescued you.  God had promised that he would deliver the Israelites.  He did just that and in a powerful way.

What I loved about the story was that when they got across to the other side, the first thing they did was to celebrate.  They sang a song that come straight from their hearts. ( It is recorded in Exod.15:1-19)  It was a song about what God had done and how great He was.  They worshiped Him.  Not only did He deliver them, but their enemy was drowned in the sea!

Maybe today you could reflect on the things God has brought you through. Celebrate them, worship Him, tell Him how great He is.  With a grateful heart, I believe that God is pleased that His kids appreciate what He has done for them.  He is a good, good Father!



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