Scripture of The Day

Tarry….in….Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power. (Luke 24:49)


Jesus never intended His disciples to stay in Jerusalem.  He told them, “repentance…would be proclaimed….beginning from Jerusalem.” (Luke 24:47 NAS).  They were just to “tarry”, remain there temporarily until they received power from Heaven, then use it to take the Gospel to the world.  After this we read that they “Returned to Jerusalem….were continually in the temple praising and blessing God.” (Luke 24:52-53 NKJV).   Now it is one thing to wait on God for directions and the power to carry them out, it’s another to keep trying to relive some earlier experience you’ve had with Him.  As much as some of the experiences I have had with God have been very powerful, I cannot keep sitting around waiting for them to happen again.  It is time to move on!

When God has a mission for you He’ll do whatever it takes to get you there!  Before He’ll let you miss out on your destiny, He’ll permit trouble to up root you. In fact you may be going through some difficulties right now because you are trying to stay where you’re not supposed to be.  You can’t freeze-frame your past or relive it.  When God moves,  you must learn to move with Him.

Philip finally ended up in Samaria where he was used by God to bring revival to the entire city. The chances are, you may be going through certain trails and tests right now because God wants to use you too!  So, tune in-know when it’s time to move on with God!



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