Scripture of The Day

There was a woman in the crowd. (Mark 5:25)


Mark records one of my favorite stories in the Bible.  There was a woman who had been hemorrhaging for 12 years.  She is desperate and her desperation births an idea.  She heard about Jesus and now He is coming to town, by invitation of the synagogue ruler.  I thought it odd to find the ruler and the woman in the same story.  He’s powerful, she’s pitiful.  But his daughter is dying.  Tragedy levels the social topography.  ” If I can just touch His clothing, I will be healed.” (v 28  TLB)  So she pushes through the crowd.  There is a lot of bumping into, and stepping on. ” Get out of the way!.” someone shouts.  She doesn’t care and doesn’t stop. Jesus’s robe is in her sight.  She extends her hand. “Immediately…she could feel that she had been healed.” (v29 NLT)  She feels power enter and He feels power exit. Jesus asked, “who touched me?”

Next we read : “The woman, knowing she was the one, knelt before Him and gave Him the whole story.”  (Mark 5:33 TM)  Wow! How long had it been since someone listened to her story?  With the town Bishop waiting, a child dying, and a crowd pressing, He makes time for a woman on the fringe.  Using a term He gives to no one else He says, “Daughter, your faith has made you well,”  (v34 NLT)

And we have been her haven’t we?  Illness took her strength.  What took yours?  Red ink? Drink or drugs? Long days in the wrong job? Pregnant too soon?  Is her hand your hand?  If so, take heart.  Your family may shun it, society may avoid it, but Christ wants to touch it. Yes, yours is the hand He loves to hold!



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