Scripture of The Day 
Without faith it is impossible to please God.m m (Hebrews 11:6)


With God, it usually comes down to one question: “Are you going to trust Me?”  If not, expect a rough ride!  You can’t tell by looking at a person how much faith they really have.  Faith is like a bucket of water–You find out how much is inside when you bump it. When circumstances bump you, you spill out what you’re full of.  Maybe you have just lost your job or had a financial crises–bump!!  What spilled out, doubt or faith?  Maybe you got some bad news from the doctor and you are going for test–bump!  What splashed over the side?  While you can’t tell by looking at people how much faith they really have, you can by listening to them.

Bumps are going to happen; to expect otherwise is to set yourself up for disappointment.  Count on it, you will be tested.  And the purpose of the test isn’t just to reveal your faith, it’s to refine it. God doesn’t test your faith in order to know how much is there- He already knows.  He tests it so that we can know–and work on it!  Think of the hardest thing that’s going on in your life right now, then ask yourself, “Is this circumstance shrinking or stretching my faith?”  I you want to impress the Lord, really impress Him, think carefully about these words, “Without faith it is impossible to please



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