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Your heart should be holy and set apart for the Lord God. Always be ready to tell everyone who asks you why you believe as you do. Be gentle as you speak and show respect. (1 Peter 3:15)


Have you ever been trying to get a specific task done and the phone kept ringing, or someone came in and constantly interrupted you? Sometimes, I just sit back and think how nice it would be if I didn’t have all these distractions.

Then I read in the book of Luke where Jesus had the same situations.  Then it hit me, I need to deal with  these things the same way Jesus did. In Luke 8, Jesus was approached by a ruler of the synagogue named Jairus. Jairus fell down in front of Jesus and begged Him to go to his house and heal his daughter. His little girl was 12 years old and according to Jairus, she was about to die.  Whenever Jesus was asked for healing, He always agreed, and this time was no different. Jesus headed toward the house of Jairus to help his young daughter (Luke 8:42). As Jesus and Jairus traveled, the crowds pressed in. Jesus was surrounded with people and from within the crowd, a woman reached out and touched the hem of His garment. When she did this, she was immediately healed of a blood condition she’d had for twelve years and Jesus said, “Who touched Me?” (v. 45).

Now, here’s the point of this. When Jesus was traveling to the ruler’s house, He didn’t consider the things happening to Him along the way as distractions. He considered them opportunities to minister. The woman who was healed along the way was worth the time to Jesus. We need to be like Jesus. When we have a project, even one that we feel God is calling us to do, and something slows us down, we must be led by the Holy Spirit. Every distraction may not be Satan. It may be an opportunity to minister.

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