Scripture of The Day 

Don’t be surprised at…… fiery trails (1 Peter 4:12) 


We live in a time where delayed gratification is not programmed into our daily lives.  Everyone wants things Now!  Some of that mentality has spilled over into the church.  Instead of us setting the pattern for the world, now they’re setting the pattern for us.

It is wrong to manipulate scripture and distort the truth just to excite people.  Get this–God is not Santa Claus or your bellhop!  It is not His job to give you everything you want.  Yes, God promised to bless us abundantly, but when it’s all about the “getting”, by implication, you question the faith of those who may not have as much you, and that’s a mistake.

I am a strong woman of faith and I believe all of the promises of God.  However, all the naming, claiming, and declaring of God’s Word doesn’t mean you will escape adversity.  Who told you that anyway?  Not God!  His Word says…”Don’t be surprised at…fiery trails…as if something strange were happening.”

Maturing takes time and it takes walking out all kinds of circumstances. You will never know how strong your faith is until you’ve been in hard situations.  Hebrews 11, celebrates men and women whose faith was tried by fire, and despite their human frailties, God saluted every one of them.  Look, you have to walk out your life step by step and no matter what comes your way you have to chose how you will walk out the hard times.  Don’t be surprised by trials, look to the Lord first, pray and ask God for wisdom, wait upon the Lord, allow the Word of God to fill your heart and then wait upon the Lord some more.



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