By Cheryl Henderson

Scripture of The Day 5/9/2022

Whenever the Lord raised up a judge for them, he was with the judge and saved them out of the hands of their enemy. (Judges 2:18)

The words, “some assembly required” makes me cringe!  In our early days of raising children Ed was very typical male and when I bought toys to be put together, he almost never read the instructions. Although my father could fix anything and build anything, I could not.  Ed’s dad was not gifted in that way either, so he never taught Ed how to do those things.  We had many Christmases and Birthdays that were a disaster because of, “some assembly required.”

I finally got smart and either did not purchase anything that had to be assembled, or paid someone to do the work.  But the few things I brought home to be assembled, I made sure to pay close attention to the instructions.  When we followed them, things went well.  Then we became very confident in ourselves and did things without the instructions again and guess what?  Disaster!

The ancient Israelites struggled with a similar tendency: they would forget God, ignoring His instructions to avoid following Baal and the other gods of the region.  This produced disastrous results, until God, in His mercy, raised up judges to rescue them and bring them back to Himself.

God has reasons for all the instructions He’s given us to keep our affections on Him.  He also loves us so much that those instructions protect us.  One worshiper I know wrote a song, and part of the lyrics were, “we need to enjoy the fences God has put us in.”   I encourage you today to follow the instructions God has for you.  It is for your benefit, your protection, and your spiritual growth.  God wants you all to himself.  He loves you that much!



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