Scripture of The Day 5/23/2022

Be very careful, then, how you live (Ephesians 5:15) NIV

 After Ed went to Heaven I was overwhelmed with the things I had to do.  All of my priorities changed.   Things I had never done I had to learn.  It seemed that my world was turned upside down.  I read a devotional a while back that gave me great insight.  Maybe it will help you too.

The purposes of God in your life must be continually revisited- and guarded!

1.  Stay Flexible–  Conditions constantly change; so do methods of getting things done.  So, to fulfill your God-given priorities you must stay flexible.

2.  Plan Your Time Carefully – To be effective, you must be able to plan your day. Only one in three people do . John Maxwell says,”  It’s a rare day that I get up in the morning wondering what I am going to do that day.”

3.  Follow Your Plan– Most of us do no get to our most important tasks until mid-afternoon.  We tend to finish of low-priority tasks first, so that we will have a sense of accomplishment.  That is not wise.  Do first things first.  If you plan your day but don’t follow through, your results will be the same as those who don’t plan at all.

4.  Delegate Whenever Possible  –  People fall into two categories: clingers or dumpers.  Clingers refuse to let go of anything they think important.  Their goal is perfection.  Dumpers, on the other hand, are quick to get rid of tasks, yet give little thought to how well the job will get done.   Their goal is to get things off their desk.  Proper delegation calls for being wise, secure in who you are before God, and generous towards others.  It also means the job gets done right.  And isn’t that what you want?


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