Scripture of The Day

Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He will do it”

( Psalm 37:5 NAS)

By Cheryl Henderson
( Excerpts from John Mason)



Your destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice.  Many people have the right aims in life- they just never get around to pulling trigger.  Don’t you know that if we are faithful, God will look after our success.  One thing I have come to know is that success is the result of a deliberate decision, an adjustment of your life to the will of God.

Success is more than money, more than a title, and more than a position.  I like this definition of success, “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”  To accomplish something, you must do something. You have a purpose and He has the plan.  Don’t let indecision keep you in the middle of the road.  “A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways”  (James 1:8)

Indecision is both habit forming and contagious, it spreads to others.  Be decisive, even if it means you’ll sometimes be wrong.  The key to your future is that you can still choose.  What you commit yourself to be will change you from what you are into what you can be.



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